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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does shipping cost so much?
We choose to ship via UPS and USPS because we find that their customer service and damage/lost package policy is excellent. You are guaranteed your product! We have found cheaper services cause many packages to be lost or damaged, which means having to send a second batch of merchandise and additional shipping costs, all while delaying the delivery of the product for our customer. With UPS and USPS, packages are rarely ever lost and you get your product quickly. UPS and USPS, like most other shipping companies, have had to increase their shipping rates, which explains the higher cost.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship internationally via USPS Priority Mail International. The cost of the shipping includes duties associated with shipping items out of the United States. If you have questions about an international order, please contact us at orders@wegotgreen.com

Can I place orders over the phone?
Phone orders are accepted, however for your convenience we prefer you place your orders on the website. Online ordering allows you to track the status of your order at all times, as well as review past order history. You can rest assured that our online ordering is safe and secure. Online orders are also processed more quickly, allowing you to receive your product faster.

What does 1/16, 1/64, and 1/32 scale mean when purchasing toys?
ERTL makes toys by scale which means the toy is 1/16 scale of a real piece of equipment. For example, a 1/64 scale tractor is similar to matchbox toys, about 2” in length. A 1/16 scale tractor is about 6” to 12” in length depending on the model toy. A 1/32 scale tractor is closer to 4” to 6” in length depending on the model toy. Just remember the toys scale is relating to a smaller scale of the real thing. A 1/16 scale combine will be much larger than a 1/16 scale lawn tractor.